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The great 25th Veteranencup anniversary was celebrated on 14-Sep-2019 in Weiterstadt!

If you are interested what happened at the celebration event just take a look into the "Veteranencup results" or check out the Veteranencup report 2019.

Meanwhile you can read the race reports from the last years and find out who was present at the past events.

The 26th Veteranencup is now scheduled for 10-Oct-2020 in Weiterstadt. We are planning to held as always a Beauty-Contest, a Bunny-Hopp-Competition and of course we also want to go on the track for a race. To avoid having crashes we will held a race without chains under the slogan "No Chain - No Pain".
I am looking forward seeing you on 10-Oct-2020 in Weiterstadt.